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On Saturday 28th April I joined a Youth and Students for Peace discussion in Vienna, in Stadthalle. There were people from 50 countries. We were parted into 12 topics, I chose Peace and Education. The groups in every topic discussed about three questions, which you can read also with the voting results here. Some people had motivational speeches. I personally liked the short, but easy-to-understand speech of Ali Can. He showed us some tips to meditation as well.

But the most touching speech had Sun Jin Mun. She told us about global problems and how to stop them, or at least slow them down. We can´t save the world if we can´t love our neighbours, family or even ourselves. The peace starts with us, and that was the main topic of the next day´s festival.

In the hot sunny day is the nearest area of Stadthalle full of foreigners. Immigrants? No way! This amount of people came from the whole world to Peace Starts With Me festival. They sit on the grass and wait in the park for hours before the beginning. When we can finally go inside, the security makes us throw away big bottles. What´s the problem? I sit quite near the stage and see a big logo and languages of translation. There´s only Korean, Japanese, Russian and Albanian.

I don´t speak any of those languages, but I´m lucky that I speak English and German. However, what about the others? Czechs for example took there their own translator. Before the beginning I had met a buddhist monk. I think I´ve seen there leaders of nearly every religion.
The cultural program was full of music and dance, but in my opinion...too long. The most beautiful was the girl singing in arameic language. I literally cried. It was one of the most beautiful things I´ve ever heard, seriously. I looked forward to the speech of Hak Cha Han Mun. I wasn´t disappointed. Although I had to look at the subtitles which were quite chaotic (English was changing to German, so many people already forgot what was written in the last sentence). The cultural point that ended the festival was amazing Yolanda Adams. Honestly I didn´t think that I would enjoy a gospel singer. I was wrong. At the end sang everybody of 10 000 people who were there. The touched crowd turned on lights at their mobile phones.
On Monday was a special celebration with another speech of Hak Cha Han Mun. However, this time were no subtitles. So I had to put on earphones, listen to the English translation and translate to Czech. At the end the Czech translation was maybe 5 sentences later than the speech of Mrs. Mun. :D
I liked it. At least I tried how good am I in translating. :)
AAAND remember: Peace Starts With YOU!

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