Things you should know before speaking with a Slav

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Small talks

Slavs don't do small talks. At this site it was about Russians, but I've noticed that it's not just Russian thing. For me it's really annoying when someone asks: "How are you?" And I'm supposed to say: "Fine. And you?"
When a Slav asks "How are you?" The other Slav answers with a complete lifestory since they last met.
If you succesfully spoke with a Slav, he will probably invite you to his house.


Look at this photo. This family wears shoes inside their house! Slavs don't do that! Never, ever! We always take off our shoes before going inside.

Relationships between Slav nations

Although Slavs like each other, they hate each other. Some examples:

Or Slovaks and Czech are like siblings, but in case of ice-hockey world championship are enemies. Or every Slav country offends the other Slavs of being always drunk.

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