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Exploring slavness

25. října 2017 v 20:47 | lmetalgirl |  Ostatní
I haven´t really thought about my slavic roots. But now I decided to show the most slavic things and some slavic facts. What is the most connected with Slavs?

Squatting Slavs in tracksuits


The question is: "Why do Slavs squat?"
It started in socialist Russia. When people got tired, they wanted to sit down, logically. But there were no benches or it was too cold to sit on a bench, so they squatted. But there´s a special kind of a squat which only Slavs can do. It´s a part of our DNA I suppose. It´s a squat on full feet. "Squat on toes will break your bones"-Life of Boris+DJ Blyatman-Slav King
Most of the people squat with heels up, Slavs call them "western spies".
I was always squatting like a Slav, but I didn´t know it´s kind of phenomen. By the way, I´m squatting while writing this.
What about tracksuits? I love tracksuit, it´s comfortable and it lets bend my knees enough to squat down, but I don´t have any Adidas clothing, just shoes. "True Slav" should have at least Adidas clothing, right? In the times of communism, people couldn´t afford many things, so if someone had Adidas, he was rich. Fortunately I was born in democracy, so it missed me. The times have changed, but if you look at countries like Russia, there are still poor people and they probably wear Adidas tracksuits. But you shouldn´t think all Slavs wear it and squat everywhere they go. We can normally sit also. Smějící se

Cold weather and a lot of snow


That´s not true at all. Russia´s not the only Slavic country. There are many in the south, like Croatia or Serbia, with subtropical climate, and also middle-Europe countries with the
mild climate. But I see the point, because I live in a town in the middle-Europe, where the average temperature is 7 degree of Celsius. That´s less than the average temperature in Stockholm, Sweden. It looks like here is 10 months winter and 2 months cold. In summer I feel like I live in Great Britain, because of the rain. In winter I feel like I live in Russia, because of the snow...



Slavic languages are the most difficult to learn. Why it should be easy, if it can be complicated? Even the national speakers mostly can´t speak it well. What does it mean? The ancient Slavic language must be really old, if it has evolved into this complicated forms. There are even theories that Slavs are the oldest civillisation in the world. And the most interesting fact: even if every Slav speaks his own language, the other Slavs can understand either everything, or the meaning of the sentences or at least some words. I remember, when I was speaking Czech with my friends from Poland and Croatia in front of some German and French people. They looked surprised, because everyone in our group was speaking his own language and we understood each other.



Russian vodka, Czech beer, Slovak slivovica, south-Europe rakija...it seems Slavs are always drunk. Although many of them are real drinkers, there are also people who don´t drink or don´t smoke. They do exist!



The original religion of Slavs is polyteistic and they didn´t gave it up easily. But today, they´re pretty religious and strong christians (especially babushkas). Is a metal band going to visit Poland, Slovakia or Russia? It should have been prepared for strong resistance. Just find about Cannibal Corpse in Russia, or petition against Gothoom Open Air Festival.



This delicious thing is called kompot. On wikipedia is a definition "non-alcoholic drink", but it´s not really a drink. It´s...kompot...

And now some jokes...